water damage restoration tips

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Restoration water damage tips


Water is a fierce enemy. Whether it’s broken pipe or heavy rains, accidents seem to come when you least expect it. Suddenly, you get into danger of losing something you have been building your whole life in just a second. When the catastrophe occurs your natural and expected reaction is panicking. Your brain freezes when you see your home in a pool of water, and that’s understandable, but it’s necessary to act smart and get into control of the situation as soon as possible. In those situations, time is also your enemy. You must think and act fast in order to save your possessions. To be perfectly clear at the beginning, some damage is inevitable, but you can save much more by reacting quickly and calling for professional help. Most importantly, you have to know your enemy and we, at Water Damage, can help you with that. Those few minutes, before the help arrives, can be crucial. That’s when your home needs a first aid and giving it properly, can make an immense difference. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Firstly, make sure to stop the water at its source. If it is a broken pipe, try closing the whole water supply system until help arrives.
  1. Electricity and water are a fatal combination. Turn off electric power and unplug appliances if it is safe to do so. If you are in doubt, don’t risk and wait for the professionals.
  1. If possible, remove the carpet to dry area and wipe all excess water from furniture. Also, remove all small items like books, art or tabletops to safe and dry space. If carpet removal isn’t an option, place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between furniture legs and carpet. This will prevent permanent carpet damage. Be careful with drying it yourself, the water may be contaminated and may require expert handling.
  1. Do not try to use a vacuum to remove water because this will cause an electric shock.